Associated Senior
Executives of Canada

A volunteer organization devoted to helping independent businesses. Established 1963

What others are saying


A 5 star rating was posted to our facebook page by our recent client

‘The value of the Boards time and expertise is bar none. Would recommend this opportunity to anyone seeking executive consultation! Looking forward to what we can do together. Skys the limit!’ -

MTS. – V P (Service and Manufacturing Company - Nov 2017)


"Meeting with the experienced ASE Team has provided valuable insights as to my sales approach and how to connect with the right people, Thank you ASE

J F Founder and owner  (software business – August 2017) 


The meeting yesterday with the executives was excellent!  Thank you so much for your positive, constructive and very practical feedback. 

Please extend my thanks to the others as well.  I will be in touch in a few months time to follow-up with the changes I’ve made from your suggestions. 

The time spent with you was exactly what I needed to continue to grow my business!

L H      Founder & CEO (service Industry - August 2017)


DC and I wish to express our appreciation on the very interactive meeting with ASE this morning.

The questions were thought provoking, the advices were sound. Simply put, it was high value.

Please extend our gratitude to the group who met us. We look forward to future consultations. 

T K  Chairman – (A Charitable Foundation - July 2017) 


“A group of amazing minds. Collectively, they are able to see and find holistic solutions for any challenge your company is facing.”

Y M (Co-founder Retail & Distribution business - Jan 2017)


Fantastic organization that has helped so many, including me, with sage and practical advice.

Dr.  D. N. (Consulting business) Dec 2016  


I have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years in the health care field, operating three businesses with a staff of 40 people.  It has been a great adventure thus far and I am pleased with the service that my businesses provide to the GTA community.  Trying to juggle a growing business, family and lifelong learning/education has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. 

I have always taken the time to listen very carefully to the wisdom other business minds have provided me throughout the years.  When this opportunity arose to gather in a round table format with very successful private business owners so they can “pay it forward” their accomplishments and failuresI jumped at the chance to absorb their advice.  I have had the privilege of sitting down with these wonderful knowledgeable individuals from all walks of life on two separate occasions now and what a blessing it has been for my personal and business growth.

 I am a true believer in hard work and “fate in a sense” because when opportunities like this are staring you in the face, you have to take all the constructive feedback that is given to you and reflect on the real life tangible growth that will come with it.  I hope to be part of this group (or something similar) in the near future.

K F (Multiple locations Health care Business owner) (Nov 2016)


I must share my experience with anyone interested in using this group of advisors. There is no need to question this decision. The group has an invaluable and enormous amount of experience in all aspects of business. I highly recommend any business, new or old to use a group like this for regular evaluation. 

J H Owner Beauty products business (May 2016) 


"I’ve been attending ASE meetings for about 3 years now.  They have been great because you have 5-8 people all brainstorming on your issues and to support you as well.  They have played a very pivotal role in enabling me to grow at a 500% increase in revenues over the past 3 years.  I highly recommend them if you are a serious minded entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level."

B. Y. President Construction business (April 2016) 


“I find the meetings useful on a personal and professional basis.  I walk away from my meetings with the volunteers feeling supported, and more confident to handle the stressors in my work life.  I have obtained invaluable advice and look forward to the wisdom that this group can provide from their own experiences in business.

It's been a pleasure to meet with all of you and I must say - you are gems in my life.

Kind Regards,”

I. V. President Healthcare business (March 2016)  


"I appreciated hearing the positives about the current state of our business, and comments like….Never apologize for running a lean operation….are valuable to me.

We discussed much, but I can state that the time flew and I am looking forward to meeting with the group in the future, as we recap where we have been, and where we are heading..... and please know that I greatly appreciate your thoughts and wisdom".

D. D.  A Security Company   (Jan 2016) 


‘First, allow me to thank you for you a very inspiring first meeting. It very rewarding to get your input and wisdom.’

Y.O.  Health studio owner (June 2015)

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting again. Our meeting was fantastic and really inspired me to take action - it feels great to have a solid plan and I can’t wait for the next steps - Thank you”

C C L (new business owner)    May 2015 

"Thank you all for another great meeting today. I'd be lost without you”.

G. L. CEO  (Distributor ) April 2015

“I went today for my first meeting. They offered me good ideas for my business project. They offered it in a comfortable way that wasn't overwhelming. I feel I have new direction and am on solid ground”

D C W  (Startup  Financial Business)   Apr 2015

“Truly excellent advice on running and growing your business. Thanks ASE!" 

R. L. Founder CEO (Healthcare Business)   Apr 2015

"As an entrepreneur, I’m pulled in all different directions, and have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. Which ones should I pursue? Which ones don't make sense? Which direction should I take my business in? The Associated Senior Executives help bring order (and profits) to my business. They shed a lot of light, which brings clarity. You set the agenda for the meeting. Want to talk about marketing? They can do that. Want to talk about finances? They can do that. Want to talk about human resources? They'll do that too. Overall, the reason I've met with them 4 times so far, and continue to do so is because it gives my business a direction."

I. K .   CEO, (Health Business)  Feb 2015 

"Before meeting with ASE, I was lost in the day-to-day of my business, working with my head down for long hours not knowing what the bigger picture was. It was frustrating, knowing there were holes in my operations, financials and accounting but I was "too busy" working in my business then to work on it.

After meeting with ASE regularly, I was able to fill in the missing links every successful business operates with. It's provided me with accountability and my very own Advisory Board to act as a sounding board for not only my concerns but also whether I had a viable business idea.

I had a 78% annual growth of my company revenues this year and I attribute much of that success to ASE. I would recommend their wisdom and expertise for anyone looking to grow their business bigger every year and eventually get what every entrepreneur wants, freedom."

J. H.  President (Fitness business) Nov 2014 

One day, while surfing the web I came across a website called ASE – Associated Senior Executives.  At the time I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and was looking for a mentor and adviser to help me move my business forward.  The website offered the reader the opportunity to meet with a group of retired businessmen and women who had experience in areas such as finance, human resources, marketing, business, business ownership and IT to name a few.  Some held executive positions in companies, large and small, while others were entrepreneurs.  Little did I know how lucky I was to stumble across that website.  Over the past 10 years my sole proprietorship, which had a small income at the start, has grown to a much larger, very successful multi-dimensional company and it continues to grow.  The men and women who comprise the ASE group provided me with guidance based on their own experiences with valuable insights that only those who have traveled that road can share.  I wouldn't be where I am today without them.  Thank you ASE.

J. O.   President (Dietary software and Consulting Company)  October 2014

"Thank you. We always feel energized after meeting with your group".

D.B. CEO (IT business) (March 2014)

My 14 year association with A.S.E. has been profitable, fulfilling and educational. The collective wisdom, experience, assistance, guidance and mentoring from this fine group of people has been an invaluable part of the growth of my company.

I truly believe that I could not have succeeded without their help.

The successful members of A.S.E give great and proven advice at a price any company can afford and in a way that anyone can understand.

Thank you all for your help and guidance.

G. L.     CEO  (Manufacturer Supplier)  (March 2014)

“I came to my first Associated Senior Executives meeting not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with their level of expertise, their honest feedback and the quality of direction I received. The second meeting I had with them, impressed me even further. They were able to help us deal with a challenge that none of my team could find a solution for.

Associated Senior Executives is a goldmine for entrepreneurs who are looking for expert advice.  I plan on returning, I have found my Board of Directors. Thank-you! “

   C. S.  (CEO)  

"Just a note to thank you for your very insightful and supportive meeting yesterday. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely job. It is a moral boost as well as an outstanding guide to meet with the members of ASE. Your time, knowledge and support are needed and very much appreciated. Thank you"


RG (President) 

“Thank you for the superb advice and insight that your group has brought to our business planning sessions. I was impressed by the depth and scope of experience that the members imparted. It was a pleasure to be in such company, and I will be back!”


"Over the past six months you have been an enormous part of our success and the impact we have made. ....The bottom line is we feel a big thank you is due"


“It has been two years since we first met and solicited assistance from the A.S.E. group and I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding contribution the organization has provided to our company. Our meetings have assisted us in focusing pragmatic solutions that have worked.”


“I want to thank you for the frank and challenging exchange this morning: exactly what I needed. I look forward to our next meeting.”

Management Consultant

“My company through your expert guidance has developed to being strong and profitable. The monthly meetings with you are continually looked forward to by my staff. I recommend the Associated Senior Executives at every opportunity.”


"On behalf of the Town of Markham and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, I want to thank you for your excellent presentation at the “Your Business In Perspective – The Key to Staying On Target” Small Business Networking Group Meeting on June 2, 2009...."

" I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and I am sure the audience did too.  Your presentation was witty, insightful and full of useful ideas that entrepreneurs can readily implement.  We received excellent feedback"

"We thank you once again for an outstanding presentation.  Your support to the small business community in the Markham area is much appreciated"

MarkhamSmall Business EnterpriseCentre
Economic Development Department, Town of Markham 

“I took some valuable advice away and look forward to incorporating some of it into my business over the next couple of months. I look forward to our next meeting.”


“I want to extend my gratitude for your excellent advice. I'm eager for our next meeting.”


"My husband and I started a small business the end of last year.  It has been quite difficult and needed a lot of advice from experienced business people… I could not believe the quality of advice they give me and the affordable price they charge. …. They help us to focus on our best resources and strength….."

"They are like angels from the sky!!  My husband and I would like to thank them for all their kind and honest support"

W (owner)   

"Our meetings with the ASEhave been instrumental in helping us move
forward with our business. All of the members bring years of
experience, a practical perspective and genuine enthusiasm. These
qualities inform lively, insightful, real-world discussions about how
we can succeed at our business"

 MG and CT  (owners)

 “I never thought I would have gained anything near what I did from our meeting. The creative juices have been flowing since I left your building.”



 “We have worked with ASE for quite some time, and I must say that they have had a profound impact on our business......”

 A.M. (CEO Realty Company) 

"I highly recommend if you're a Solo-Entrepreneur and/or business owner who  needs help growing your business, give the "Associate of Senior Executives"  a call and schedule an appointment to meet with them. It will be the best  90 minutes you have ever spent on yourself and your business.

Thank you Associate of Senior Executives for being part of my team"

B.K. President & Social Media Marketing Consultant

“The Association of Senior Executives has been a huge help in managing my growing business. The group holds me to commitments and helps me prioritise my work and company activities. They act as a board of directors and combined there is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and expertise.

It is definitely the best two hours I spend every month.”

C R (CEO Distributing Co)

An appreciative thank you.
Hello to my wonderful team of advisers. I want to write to you to thank you for your wonderful guidance, insights, questions, thoughts, advice and counsel. I don't think you'll ever really know what an amazing impact you have had on me and my business. It is great to know that I have this wonderfully gifted and skilled team of executives in my corner. And to know you truly have my back. And my best interests at heart.

As small business owners, it can be difficult to find those who can provide us with advice and guidance. We often can't afford to pay costly consultants as we are in the early stages of our businesses. Friends, family and colleagues can help but they often don't have the time and experience to really work through our business issues. All of you have a wealth of solid experience to share and I feel so blessed to be the beneficiary of it.

Thank you for your service.
Best wishes and thank you to you all.

D N  President, Founder  - (Financial services)