Associated Senior
Executives of Canada

A volunteer organization devoted to helping independent businesses. Established 1963

How ASE Works


Problem solving, Business coaching, facilitating, goal setting, developing action plans and practical advise on monitoring results.

Two types of low cost services offered

Office consultation

Client meets at our office. A group of ASE advisors (usually about three to six) meet with the client for an hour and a half. Client presents the issues, which are discussed and possible solutions are then jointly explored and discussed. ASE acts as a sounding board. A nominal fee is charged.


Advisory Board Consultations

ASE members visit the client's location on a regular basis (monthly or some appropriate interval), to review current results, discuss current issues and opportunities, and advise on appropriate action plans. A separate fee structures applies to these services.


Right to Privacy & Confidentiality

ASE respects your right to privacy and protects your personal and business information. ASE does not rent, sell or trade information. Information provided to ASE by its clients is treated as confidential and is used exclusively to advise clients as to how they may improve business results by solving business problems or taking advantage of business opportunities.


To arrange an appointment with ASE, phone (416) 695-2435 or by e-mail at




What are the goals of the meetings?

Get to know the client and quickly identify key issues. Advise, coach or mentor as necessary to develop a strategic action plan.


How do I prepare for the meeting?
Write down your brief history and identify your goals and immediate problems. Extra copies of your case for review would be helpful. If available provide your web address, prior to the meeting.


How is the meeting conducted?
One of our Associates, chair the meeting as a facilitator. The team acts as a sounding board and provides insights drawn from various backgrounds and industries. All advice is custom geared to the client's needs and questions.


What are the backgrounds of the executives?
Most are CEO's, CFO's, Presidents, VP's and Owners or Partners of succesful Companies with many years of practical experience.


Do all associates concur and is there a consensus of advice?
Not neccesarily. Associates bring a variety of independent options to table to evaluate. All ideas and advice add value to your business and aim to increase profitability.